Entrepreneurial Drive, Focused Capital

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We recognize that owners of great companies have many options when considering the sale of their business; however, we firmly believe that Gallowae offers a distinct advantage for the right opportunity.


Thoughtful Focus

We have only a single objective: to acquire a great company and build upon its success. In contrast to the traditional private equity model, we do not have a portfolio of investments to juggle, a rigid fund structure to abide by, or a constant need to raise new funds. Gallowae was designed to leverage our strengths as entrepreneurs and allows us to engage in what we are truly passionate about - building successful companies.

Management Transition

We are active, hands-on investors.  We understand that this approach will not fit for everyone; but for the right company, we believe that our desire to step into the management role presents a valuable opportunity for an owner to ensure the longevity and continued success of the business.


Simply stated: we care, and not just from a financial point of view. Our experience has taught us that people matter deeply:  employees, customers, and suppliers are the key building blocks of any successful company. We make our decisions thoughtfully, purposefully, and with a long-term vision, because as managers we fully understand that our choices shape the company and the quality of working life for the people who drive it.  We are open and honest, timely in our communication, and proud of our ability to cultivate and maintain lasting relationships with individuals from all walks of life.